Starting from AED453,888

Welcome to your world! Una has been created for the new generation of millenials, fast-paced entrepreneurs and creative minds longing for a collaborative, urban hub that provides a hip environment for modern living. Creating communities in an environment that offers an interactive, engaging and invigorating space. Embracing individuality while connecting with different cultures in a space that takes care of everything for you to be at your efficient and productive best. Welcome to UNA!


Studio & 1 BEDROOM




Building an array of subcultures close to each other, exposed to each other's influence. Convenience at your fingertips, flexibility and facilities to encourage a sense of community in very generous spaces. Celebrate and live in a new era of effective and productive urbanism. As Dubai thrives on collaboration, creativity and innovation, making it one of the best cities to live in. Una is a reflection of our thriving city and blends an entrepreneural spirit with an urban setting. It features the most cutting-edge facilities catering to individuals and collaborative communities. Unique and convenient features are integrated throughout, in order to mirror a natural environment for creativity!  


Excellent amenities

Una's interiors exudes an energy within its spaces that makes you feel as though there are endless possibilities. Stepping away from the usual norms and into a haven of high-volume concrete, glass, steel and wooden interiors. Expect a stylish, easy to work in and organized area that is flexible and tangible. The work space and desk layouts are just a few of the key elements to this incredibly productive environment. You cannot help but fal inlove with the hip, entrepreneural and urban vibe that it asserts! Pool, gym and retail outlests to cater your mind and body are some of the amenities that Una provides along with an open-minded and creative community that you can share everyday experiences with. We let you focus on you and doing what you love best. Re-energise and revitalise in your own mini ecosystem of tech facilities, cafes, lounge spaces and etertainment areas.  


Key Features


  • Located at Town Square, Dubai

  • Has a pool, library, music room and mini theatre as well as a wide range of shops, restaurants and cinemas
  • Close proximity to Town Square Park
  • Modern amenities including schools and hospitals
  • A relaxing ambience and inviting social areas

More information please contact,   

+9714 559 4888 | +97152 670 2714