We aim to consistently satisfy clients by going “beyond their expectations”. We will strive to save our clients time, money and effort. We will create an environment where all staff may provide every client with complete satisfaction.  

We will aim to cover all of the Dubai Real estate sector for Villas, Apartments, Offices and Retail. We will ensure that all of our clients are provided with the most recent and correct market analysis and we will compete rigorously but uphold the values of professionalism and sincerity.   



The Directors at MJB Properties believe in Dubai and they always have, we believe that Dubai needs companies like MJB Properties, the needs for companies like ours is simple. Real Estate is the cornerstone of Dubai’s economy with one very clear flaw; Service.  

There is too many unqualified agents who provide incorrect information in order to proceed a sale, we at MJB Properties believe we can stop this, as long as we can provide a better service to the market, more people will work with us and our levels of service will become the norm in Dubai. Our vision is clear and we have already begun.