Here at MJB Properties our mission and vision are clear. We train our staff to fulfil our brand promise of “beyond your expectations” to our clients, staff members and competitors. We do this quite simply by over delivering on every aspect, be it timelines, pricing or quality. This is our expectation and our staff should go beyond it.

MJB Properties have a very successful and innovative approach to training our staff. We do not bore our staff in a classroom for the entire process, we are hands on and expect our staff to learn in their own time, office time should be spent dealing with customers on different levels, this approach shows new agents where they need help so we can focus our training more aptly.

We believe that the Directors should be hands on and they are expected to close deals, this approach is important to show that they have the most up to date knowledge on the market and understand the current trends. It also helps the manager’s deal with any objections which are present for that time and most importantly it helps our agents see that the management are indeed worth listening to.

We have a very structured approach to helping our staff achieve their targets, our Key Performance indicator system is the best in Dubai and helps you see how you are doing every day. We have dedicated admin staff for crunching the numbers of agents every day. From phone calls made through to viewing to offer ratios’, all of this means staff know what they have to do and how to do it.

A company is only as good as the people it employs, hence the reason why we are very committed to our recruitment and talent retention management objectives in order to firstly, find those talented people and secondly, to then retain them through career progression and learning and development opportunities.

Inevitably we believe that all recruits bring their own unique experiences, skills, and passions and we believe at MJB Properties we can bring out their full potential and reward them with the career that they deserve.

Should you be ready and willing to work harder then you have ever worked, should you be willing to earn more then you have ever earnt, should you be willing to go beyond your expectations then join us and we will go beyond yours, send your cv’s to